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The region’s largest and first-ever multi-cultural festival park conceptualized and created in 1997, Global Village is a sprawling 1.6 million square meter destination for the whole family. Situated in the heart of Dubai, it is a one-stop shop for entertainment, shopping, dining and rides, taking you on a journey across the world, uniting cultures and creating wonder.

Despite its seasonality, Global Village welcomes around 7 million guests every season, making it the park with the 4th largest daily footfall in the world. Inherent to its cross-sectoral and diverse fabric, the theme-based park, aims to bring together extraordinary people from around the globe to inspire wonder and redefine cultural experiences.

Harnessing the world’s diversity and creativity into authentic experiences, Global Village, offers novelty appeal and intriguing glimpses, across all geographies and demographics, building and nurturing genuine human connections.

With the intent of bridging the gap and bringing the world together, Global Village strives to create happiness in every moment by celebrating the diversity and wonder of our world.


  • A melting pot of cultures – 3500 + retail and commercial outlets 78+ Cultures 26 + Pavilions
  • A fusion of tastes and flavors – 200+ dining concepts Regions’ largest street food offering
  • A Carnival of chills and thrills – 160+ thrill rides, family rides, skill and arcade games

Uniting cultures & creating wonder for 25 seasons

Rooted in the sands of culture, Global Village offers its customers unique and diverse experiences, uniting people and inspiring ambitions. Sparking business ideas and concepts, Global Village is a gateway to thousands of business entrepreneurs, fulfilling dreams and desires. With creativity at its core, and innovation & immersion etched in every aspect and skill, Global Village has been enthralling millions of people for the past 25 seasons and continues to do so, redefining culture and nurturing human connections.

Opening hours

Sunday – Wednesday: 4pm to 12am

Thursday – Friday: 4pm to 1am

Saturday – 2pm to 11pm

Mondays (except those falling on a public holiday) are exclusively reserved for Families and Ladies.


Shows & Events

For the 25th season, there is a line-up of over 40,000 spectacular shows and special events for the whole family! Shows with your favorite characters, traditional cultural performances, street entertainment, dazzling main stage performances, and even a sanity-defying stunt show – there’s something for everyone! And don’t miss our stunning special events with all the fun, action, and energy of Global Village’s Silver Jubilee.

The highlights:

Absolute Bollywood – From mash-ups of top tracks to themed performances, experience the upbeat energy of Bollywood choreography. Whether you catch the mash-up or musical, Absolute Bollywood will draw you in with its inspired choreography and the upbeat energy of its performers. Let the dancers pull you in with their modern twist on classic Bollywood dances as they mix in some street style and take you on a narrative journey with their themed performances.

Emirati Show – Marhaba! Experience the warm hospitality of Emirati culture at the UAE pavilion. Soak in the country’s nomadic heritage, discover Emirati architecture at its glorious best, browse locally made oils, perfumes, handicrafts and other offerings at the Souk, and round off your visit with mouthwatering Emirati cuisine.

The Green Planet Animal Adventure – Calling all nature lovers! Come join Dubai’s Only Rainforest at the first-ever, The Green Planet Animal Adventures Presentation exclusively at Global Village! Every Saturday and Monday evening, join our rainforest tropical furry, eight-legged and slithery friends as we explore the importance of protecting our planet and learn what you can do at home to help animals around the world! Thatcher the anteater will teach us about habitat loss, while Kiwi the tarantula will highlight the importance of eliminating single-use plastics. Don’t forget about Allen the Burmese python who, along with our Green Planet Biologists presenters, will dive into the issues facing animals in their habitats around the world in a kid-friendly and nature-filled fun Animal Adventure!

Turkey Show – A visit to Global Village isn’t complete without exploring the Turkey pavilion. Discover the Ottoman Empire brought to life, traditional Anatolian glass and ceramic ware, fine calligraphy, grab a bargain at the authentic bazaars, and sample some of the finest Turkish delicacies.

Yemen Show – Delight in the aromas at the Yemen Pavilion with more than 100 different types of honey and dozens of exotic spices. Stroll through a recreation of the country’s old bazaars with traditional jewelry and Yemeni dagger made of vintage silver replete with precious stones that Yemenis wear with pride. Explore the land of honey and spices!

Special Events:

Diwali – It’s DIWALI, light it up at Global Village! Global Village will celebrate the Festival of Lights with the UAE’s best representation of Indian traditions, culture, and food at the India Pavilion. Celebrating the silver jubilee, Global Village is the place to be this festive season. For the first time in Dubai, celebrations will last a whole week, from Saturday 7th November until Saturday 14th November. Head out to the India pavilion for a beautiful display of live Rangoli, Mandala painting, Indian delicacies, and the mesmerizing grand display of fireworks.

UAE National Day – Celebrate the 49th UAE National Day – A joyful celebration and glittering annual spectacle at Global Village. From dazzling firework displays to elaborate parades and glittering ceremonies, UAE National Day is a time when locals and expatriates gather together to celebrate the union. Get familiar with Emirati culture as you enjoy our exciting line-up of national day events, from a special opera that captures the spirit of the Union to mesmerizing fireworks that take the celebrations to new heights, there is an endless list of surprises for each family member.

All Shows & Concerts:

Mission Speed – The Net Syndicate, a gang of ruthless hackers, have a plan to take over the world. For quite some time, they’ve been quietly smuggling in the necessary components to create a super router – a high-tech piece of equipment that will allow them to bypass any firewall and security system. They will gain access to sensitive information of all sorts and nothing will be able to stop them! To stop the impending doom, North Rapids Police Department (NRPD) placed their finest detectives on the case, Detectives Abby Marshall and Frank Adams. They set up a sting operation to catch The Net Syndicate red-handed, but things took a turn for the worse and now the gang is on the run! Watch the high-speed car chase unfold as the NRPD rev their engines, ensuing in a series of precision driving, explosions, high falls, all the while navigating around obstacles like fires and back-flipping bikes. At one point, the NRPD laid their hands on the super router only to realize it’s a decoy. With time running out, it’s time for the big guns to be rolled out – the Police Tank! Will Detectives Marshall and Adams be able to secure the super router? Or will The Net Syndicate succeed in their nefarious plans? Tune in to catch the blazing end to this stunt show!

Auto Angels – Rooted in Seventies nostalgia, Auto Angels tells the tale of five, unassuming female mechanics who work in the Auto Angels repair shop. That is until a nefarious figure comes into town with an acrobatic posse in tow, and our mechanics reveal themselves to be an undercover crime fighting squad! Follow them as they embark on a thrill of a ride featuring real cars, an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack, and enough flare to have you itching to jump off your own seats to join the adventure!

Street Jam – Featuring the hottest UK talent, groove in your seats to the sensational dance act of Street Jam. The all-girl crew has headlined alongside the biggest concerts across the Western region and is choreographed by Simon Barnum who has worked with talent like Atomic Kitten, Sugababes, and Girls Aloud in the past. With hot beats and hotter moves, any audience member is in for a treat, especially with the two special flash mobs that will close the act!

Lights Camera Action… BOLLYWOOD! – Embark on a journey into the reel world of Bollywood and discover movie-making magic at its mesmerizing best. Enjoy a peek behind the scenes of the ‘studio backlot’ to glimpse at the fast-paced journey of beloved Bollywood genres from action to romance before ending on the glittering Bollywood Awards scenes.

Care Bears – Step into a world of magic in this brand-new, unique production of the famous Care Bears. Bringing favorites like Grumpy, Fun shines, Cheer, and Tenderheart to the stage. Follow them as they go up against big baddie Bluster who’s set up an evil machine to plant more bad seeds. Will the Care Bears be able to stop him in time?

Chhota Bheem – Bheem, Chutki, and Jaggu are excited for their trip to the Funfair but snacking is a must before any playing. The trio stop by a laddu seller and along with a shot of sweetness, receive a shot of fortune too! Jaggu is now paranoid of losing his luck and takes risky steps to keep it. Will Bheem and Chutki be able to save Jaggu? Embark on this gripping adventure to find out!

PJ Masks – PJ Masks is back as Cat boy, Owlette, and Gekko are back on the lookout for new recruits for their Hero Training Session. Sing and dance along with the team of heroes and learn what it takes to be one. Kids will even get a chance to take a fun quiz and learn which hero they’re most like!

Peter Rabbit – A brand-new production for Global Village, join Peter Rabbit and his adorable posse featuring Lily Bobtail and Squirrel Nutkin as they set off on an adventure to steal a giant prize radish from Mr. Noweeds, the Global Village gardener and guardian of the prized radish!

Urban Crew Flash Mob – With a contagious energy, unmatched skills, and a friendliness that captures every heart, Urban Crew is back by popular demand this season with a brand-new show, HIT. Featuring tricks, stunts, flips, rolls and moves that defy all imaginations, the Filipino crew is bound to capture the hearts of any audience!

Slumber Tales – Step into the dreams of a child in this thrilling tale as she encounters threat after threat that she defeats with the helpful hand of a friendly Genie. From bandits to falcons to storms, our young heroine spins a tale of fantasy and wonder that will have you gripping your seat in excitement and anticipation for every next move.

Octonauts – Join Captain Barnacles and his crew of Octonauts aboard the Octopod as they set off on a mission to recruit new Octo-Cadets and save a Torpedo Ray that’s found itself stuck in the Bubble Engine!

Ben and Holly – Say ahoy to Princess Holly and Ben the Elf in an exciting new adventure for Season 25 as they take up swords against Redbeard the Elf Pirate! As Holly and Ben traverse the land of Little Kingdom on a treasure hunt, they’ll be joined by a brand-new character as well: Nanny Plum. You’re in for a hearty good time!

Afghanistan Show – Did you know that the world’s earliest known usage of oil painting was found in cave murals of Afghanistan? Or that the finest oriental rugs come are actually made in this land of majestic mountains and beautiful valleys? Learn all about Afghanistan by paying a visit to the Afghanistan Pavilion. Discover its unique culture with different tribal sub-cultures and its various forms of arts and music. Sample some of the finest offerings such as dry fruits, nuts, saffron, spices, oils, sweets, and some famous Afghani cuisine. Shop for leather products with simple designs, signature Afghani handicrafts, accessories, and stones. Discover the rich culture of Afghanistan at Global Village.

Africa Show – Come, discover Africa in all its glory at the Africa pavilion. Explore the traditions, cultures, and handicrafts from the cradle of civilization that’s sure to charm you. Take your pick from a variety of traditional African products such as accessories, leather products, drums, and baskets, and take a break with some truly unique delicacies from every corner of the continent.

Americas Show – Explore the land of rain forests, Native Americans and, of course, Hollywood at the Americas Pavilion in Global Village. Discover a potpourri of cultures, ethnicities and traditions that reveal the glorious history of the American continent. Browse through a vast array of interesting products from North, Central and South America. Experience live performances rendered in the various dance styles that the region gave to the world. Explore the Americas like never before.

Azerbaijan Show – Discover a culture influenced by a unique mix of three heritages – Iranian, Turkic and Caucasian. Browse the distinct array of folk art in the form of handwoven rugs, exquisite designer footwear and more. Get a taste of the pomegranate festival and other cuisines unique to the country. Welcome to Azerbaijan. Discover a unique cultural mix of three distinct heritages.

Bahrain & Kuwait Show – The Bahrain & Kuwait Pavilion reflects the unique Arabic heritage common to these countries of the GCC. Here, you can find a variety of products that represent the culture of the region, such as Khaleeji fashion including specially designed Abayas and Sheila, Perfumes, Bakhoor, Dakhoon and an array of fantastic sweets and pickles. Visit the Bahrain & Kuwait Pavilion at Global Village.

China Show – Amongst the largest pavilions at Global Village is the China Pavilion, a destination that reveals all the hidden cultures of what was once known as the forbidden kingdom. Cultural shows, folk dances and epics from a country with a history dating back a million years. As you stroll through, you’ll also find that it’s a shopper’s paradise with perhaps the largest variety of products ranging from fashion to household and everything in between. No visit to Global Village can be complete without a visit to the China Pavilion. Check out the forbidden kingdom

Egypt Show – Discover one of the oldest civilizations on Earth at the Egypt Pavilion. Browse the 70+ stores and shop for interesting artifacts, handicrafts, carved copper, antiques, cotton clothes, traditional Egyptian dresses (Jalabiya), and costumes all reminiscent of Egypt’s culture and traditions. Discover the land of the Pharaohs

Europe Show – Go on a whirlwind tour of Europe at the Europe Pavilion in Global Village this season. Explore the culture, lifestyle, and fashion directly from the capital cities of Europe. Take a whirlwind tour of Europe.

India Show – Welcome to incredible India! Explore a mystical land of ancient civilizations, cultures, and people at the India pavilion. Walk through traditional bazaars showcasing specialty products from every part of India. Bargain through the finest selection of handicrafts, jewels, carpets, ethnic wear, traditional leather footwear, souvenirs, and much more.

Iran Show – You don’t have to travel too far to experience the ancient land called Persia, now modern Iran, just step into the Iran Pavilion at Global Village. Not only will you be introduced to the rich Persian heritage and culture, but you will also find the most authentic, home-grown, and unique Persian products, such as Persian carpets, gemstones, saffron, dry fruits, and, of course, the delightful cuisine that Iran is famous for. Discover the magical land of Persia.

Japan Show – A traditional welcome awaits you at the Japan pavilion where kimono-clad hostesses greet you. Experience ancient Japanese culture at its best at the specially created cultural experience area, with live performances, festivities, and live crafts. Enjoy a soothing Japanese massage, Anime-themed sweets, and soft drinks, while browsing through a variety of exciting gifts for your loved ones.

Korea Show – This season, take a trip to Korea in Global Village. This tiny nation from the Far East once referred to as the Hermit Kingdom, has a unique history and culture that will leave you charmed. From smiling hostesses attired in traditional dresses to Korean folklore played out on stage, the Korea Pavilion gives you an insight into the country’s rich heritage. For shopping, the pavilion offers a wide range of products unique to Korea such as ladies’ shoes and bags, assorted beauty products, accessories, gifts, and also K-POP merchandise. Welcome to the Hermit Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia Show – To understand what Saudi Culture is all about, all you need to do is to visit the all-new experiential zone that has been specially created at the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Not only will you get an in-depth insight into the age-old heritage of the desert kingdom, you’ll also be surprised at the various offerings that reflect the Saudi identity and tradition. From Saudi Abayas, Niqab, Gashwa, Shaila, perfumes, oud, Dkhon, dates, coffee, and Mamoul, you’ll find some of the most wonderful things to shop at the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Join us on an experiential journey through the desert kingdom.

Lebanon Show – Often referred to as the fashion capital of the Middle East thanks to its famous designers, you’ll understand why the moment you step into the Lebanon Pavilion at Global Village. You’ll be stunned by the vast array of locally manufactured fashion and accessories, soaps, and cosmetics. What’s more, you’ll be delighted by the large variety of homemade Lebanese food products on display that you can taste and purchase. Witness live Dabkeh dance shows performed by a folk group at the all-new cultural experience zone created especially for you this season. Take a tour of the fashion capital of the Middle East.

Morocco Show – Discover a vibrant culture with centuries of traditions and world-renowned cuisine at the Moroccan Pavilion. Enjoy authentic arts and crafts, browse beautiful clothing and accessories, and check out the stunning mosaic art. Discover the land of the myriad cultures

Pakistan Show – Famous for its rich culture and tradition, Pakistan is a nation full of delightful surprises, some of which can be found at the Pakistan Pavilion in Global Village. The pavilion showcases leather goods, cotton & silk fabrics, traditional artefacts and Balochi garments. Shopping apart, here you can also treat yourself to Pakistani Chaat, sweets, samosa with tea, bun kabab, popcorn, cotton candy kulfi, lassi and more. An authentic Pakistani experience awaits.

Palestine & Jordan Show – Walking into the Palestine and Jordan Pavilion is like strolling on the streets of East Jerusalem and Amman with traditional markets offering a variety of souvenirs and other charming products that you would love to take home. The pavilion also showcases the coming together of two unique cultures with live folk group shows at the all-new cultural experience zone. You’ll be delighted to find a wide range of traditional food on offer to satisfy your taste buds. Two unique cultures at one destination.

Syria Show – If you want a taste of traditional Syrian hospitality, a visit to the Syria Pavilion is perfectly in order. You can taste the famous foods of Syria that include Labneh, Cheese, Zaatar, olives, jams and tamer Hindi among other products on offer. Also learn about the evolution of Islamic architecture while you are there. Discover the ancient civilization of Syria.

Thailand Show – If you thought exotic fruits are what Thailand is famous for, we suggest you step into the Thailand Pavilion. It’s a sight you will never forget with bustling colourful shops showcasing a variety of items including glittering accessories, hair and hand bands, clothing, kids wear, cosmetics, food, and yes, even massage shops. Adding to an authentic Bangkok street shopping experience, you can get stunning bargains with shopkeepers competing with each other to sell their wares at knock-off prices. And while you are there, enjoy some Thai fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and more. There’s more to Thailand than meets the eye.

Pavilions & Selfie spots

Explore the themed Pavilions featuring bustling bazaars, traditional entertainment, and delicacies from all over the world. Take the perfect picture at our stunning Selfie Spots and make some memories to last a lifetime.

Popular Pavilions:


Saudi Arabia




Selfie Spots:

Celebration Walk

Arabian Square

Dry Fountain

London Tower Bridge

Kids’ Theatre

Global Village

LED Lake

Arabian Bridge

Chinese Bridge

Cultural Gate

Gate of the World

Heritage Village

World Avenue


A treat for your taste buds At Global Village, we offer dining experiences from around the globe with over 200 restaurants & cafes and the largest street food selection in the region.


Street Food


Specialty concepts:

Fruit Bazaar – For an authentic Thai experience, visit an all-you-can-eat menu of fruit-based delights, including Fruit Pizza, Fruit Sushi, Fruit Bingsu, and more. Visit Fruity Fantastic Fruit Bazaar and get transported through the sweet flavors of a Thai fruit market. Fruit Bazaar is exclusively at Global Village and offers a new way to enjoy your favorite fruits.

Indian Chaat Bazaar – Take a bite into India’s colourful and vibrant streets, from various traditional chaats and local sweets. Enjoy an authentically Indian experience at the only purely vegetarian kiosk, the Indian Chaat Bazaar in Global Village.

Floating Market – Floating Market offers you an expedition through the perfumed flours of Asia. Taste the authentic recipes of Thailand; captivating tastes from Korea; Spicy Far East-Asian grill; Asian seafood; flavors from Myanmar; delicacies from the Philippines and Indonesian treats. Take the trip to that you’ve been waiting for at the Floating Market!

All outlets:

Al Asalah Al Shamiah – Syrian cuisine is known for having a varied menu, using unique spices and herbs, and cooking in its traditional style and technique. Browse through their menu to find the most famous Syrian delicacies like Shakriye, Mulokhia, Dawod Basha, to name a few. Visit Al Asalah Al Shamiah for an authentic dining experience at Global Village.

Al Farooj – Feel like a bite of authentic ‘Shawarma’, the region’s most popular ‘Broasted Chicken’ delicacy? Step into Al Farooj at Global Village and you can taste the most delicious ‘Shawarmas’ and cooked chicken. Also enjoy other quick and tasty fares and sides that are offered.

Al Haaj Bundoo Khan – Get a taste of authentic Pakistani cuisine at Al Haaj Bundoo Khan, where the menu includes signature biryanis (mutton and chicken), and famous Karachi gravy dishes made from recipes passed down through generations. Don’t forget to try their signature Paratha Kabab and Chicken Tikka, an absolute must for all foodies.

Atlas Café – When it comes to traditional Turkish experiences, Atlas Turkish Café at Global Village serves entirely authentic crafted snacks. Share a bite of famous Turkish pastries from Borek and Simit to Baklawa and Trilege. Transport to the lively flavor-filled streets of Turkey with a range of refreshing beverages and local pastries.

Barista Café – Enjoy all the flavors the Emirates has to offer at Barista Café, opening its first ever brand at Global Village. Bitter or sweet, indulge in unique specialty coffee blends that’s perfect for every caffeine lover.

Baskin Robbins – Baskin Robbins welcomes all ice cream lovers to a world of great choices. Find them at Global Village and enjoy a wide array of mouth-watering flavors such as chocolate, caramel, berry and much more.

Bosnian House – Bosnian House serves authentic, delicious meals from the heart of Bosnia. Indulge in Bosnian Kebabs, Cevapcici, and Pitas and enjoy a culinary experience of a lifetime.

Bozel Turkish Restaurant – Take a trip to Turkey with Bozel Turkish Restaurant, serving authentically Turkish delights including Kunefe, Borek, and Simit. Visit Bozel Turkish Restaurant at Global Village for unforgettable traditional Turkish bites.

Camelicious – Get a taste of the blend of a traditional Emirati superfood in modern-day beverages. First time at Global Village, Camelicious creatively crafts homemade snacks, desserts, coffees, and teas using naturally sourced Camel Milk. Try a healthy and delicious beverage on your visit.

Chicken Land – Enjoy a well-seasoned mix of chicken and seafood at Chicken Land Restaurant and try their signature marinade dish, served with a special sauce pasta and salad. You’ll also find a range of sides and desserts on the menu, pair it with any of their signature drinks – Turkish tea, coffee, or Laban Ayran – for a delectable experience.

Floating Market – Floating Market offers you an expedition through the perfumed flours of Asia. Taste the authentic recipes of Thailand; captivating tastes from Korea; Spicy Far East-Asian grill; Asian seafood; flavors from Myanmar; delicacies from the Philippines and Indonesian treats. Take the trip to that you’ve been waiting for at the Floating Market!

Flying Candy Floss – Candy is sweet, but Flying Candy Floss makes it spectacular. Take a sweet bite of Cotton Candy, a fun dessert made with music and dance.

Food O Clock – Food O Clock Restaurant offers international cuisine ranging from all-day dining, cheat snacks and late-night desserts. Catch it for the first time at Global Village to enjoy delicious meals from all-time trending favorites. Enjoy a bite of Red Velvet Pancake or a Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Burger for dinner, all in one place.

Fruit Bazaar – For an authentic Thai experience, visit an all-you-can-eat menu of fruit-based delights, including Fruit Pizza, Fruit Sushi, Fruit Bingsu, and more. Visit Fruity Fantastic Fruit Bazaar and get transported through the sweet flavors of a Thai fruit market. Fruit Bazaar is exclusively at Global Village and offers a new way to enjoy your favorite fruits.

Georgian Cuisine – If a traditional Georgian meal is what you’re craving, head over to Georgian Cuisine for its debut season. They offer a range of authentic Georgian food like Achma (cheesy puff pastries) and Khinkali (beef dumplings) and will serve you a culinary experience you won’t soon forget!

Grand Barbeque – If you like prawns and love biryani, Grand Barbecue is just the place to delight your taste buds. Come, try their signature dish, Prawns Dum Biryani, exotic queen prawns marinated with traditional spices and cooked in a sealed clay pot over slow fire with long-grained basmati rice. They also specialize in traditional cuisines from various parts of India serving dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken.

Grills 59 Restaurant – Get your grill fix on at Grill 59 at Global Village, the juiciest American food in town. Try signature grilled steaks and ribs, including beef, chicken, and salmon steaks. Or indulge in a saucy gourmet range of burgers and pasta. Enjoy an International menu offering perfectly grilled delights.

Hum Yum Café & Restaurant – If you want to feast on traditional Emirati cuisine, come to Hum Yum Café & Restaurant where a traditional welcome awaits you. Browse through the menu and you’ll find an extensive choice of unique Emirati traditional dishes, including Rigag and Luqaymat, served for your pleasure. Visit for a memorable Emirati food experience like no other.

Ice Cream Cars – From refreshing fruit ice lollies to yummy soft serves, get your sweet fix at the roaming Ice Cream Cars!

Indian Chaat Bazaar – Take a bite into India’s colourful and vibrant streets, from various traditional chaats and local sweets. Enjoy an authentically Indian experience at the only purely vegetarian kiosk, the Indian Chaat Bazaar in Global Village.

Kava Café – A primary destination for all coffee lovers, Kava Café makes its debut at Global Village, offering locally sourced specialty coffee made with quality and care.

Koliba – A 200-year-old authentic oven made of stone and bricks was shipped all the way from Bosnia to Global Village, as the centerpiece of the first Roasted Lamb Restaurant in Dubai. Visit Koliba Restaurant to savor one of its tastiest specialties, the “Bosnian Lamb”. It is all about great food and Koliba is all about providing it!

Kulfilicious – Indulge in an authentically Indian creamy dessert. Kulfilicious prepares traditional and all-natural Kulfi made in various flavors, all with no additives or preservatives. A tradition for all ages.

Live Candy – Try out “Macun” at the Candy Station – a soft and colourful toffee paste, traditionally served in a round tray separated by compartments for each flavor.

Lupini Beans – Grab a quick bite from a trolley offering a range of traditional specialty Emirati Beans and Lupini.

Maraheb – If you’re a big fan of Mandi cuisine, then test the varied finely cooked mandi dishes at Maraheb. The restaurant offers a casual Yemeni inspired dining experience with a specialized menu that never fails to impress visitors from all walks of life. Visit Maraheb in Global Village for an authentic Yemeni experience.

Nablus Kanafeh & Arabic Ice Cream – Experience the taste of authentic Nablus Kanafeh, made using a secret technique unique to the region. Try their specialty desserts and Arabic Ice Cream in a variety of natural flavors.

Najm Al Saeed Egyptian Food – Najm Al Saeed is proud of its Egyptian history and traditions and that is reflected in the authentic Egyptian cuisine it serves. Try specialties like Ta’meya, Egypt’s own version of Falafel, Koshari, Fattah, Mahshi, and more.

Peanut Hawkers – A range of vendors selling amazing snacks including Peanuts, Tez Daal, Roasted Channa & Masala Peanuts.

Persian Kabab Restaurant – Want a bite of authentic Iranian grills and kebabs? Persian Kebab Restaurant serves specialty traditional Kabab – E – Sultani, Kabab – E – Koobideh, and Kaban – E – Lari, and much more. Take a trip to Iranian flavors with Persian Kabab Restaurant.

Punjabi Village – The state of Punjab in north India is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine made with traditional recipes using exotic spices and ingredients. Known for delicacies such as butter chicken, malai kofta, dal makhni, naans, and samosas, Punjabi Village is the perfect place for a family dinner in the indoor or outdoor dining areas.

Sadaf – Craving Arabic food? Sadaf restaurant is just what the chef ordered with a sumptuous menu of Persian, Arabic and Levantine delicacies that are guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Start with the ‘Ash Soup’ with a side of the special ‘Shirazi’ salad and follow it up with the specialty Persian ‘Chelo Kebab Sultani’. Heavenly would be an understatement to describe the experience at Sadaf.

S’mores – Warm-up your sweet tooth with fun and adventure. Get a quick S’more as you stroll down the markets of Global Village, that will have you coming back for more.

Taksim Turkish Restaurant – For the most authentic Turkish food, there’s no better place to visit than Taksim Turkish Restaurant in Global Village. Serving the most delicious meat dishes, foremost among them the chef’s special ‘Tombik Kafta’, a veritable gourmet delight of tender, well-cooked lamb accompanied by colourful side dishes. Come, enjoy traditional Turkish hospitality along with other delicacies to satisfy your palate.

Trolleys – Kids Theatre & Circus – Are you craving a quick snack at Global Village? Find Grab n Go food items ready to satisfy in every bite.

Yahya (Thai Restaurant) – When it comes to seafood, Thai seafood served at Yahya Restaurant in Global Village is amongst the most exotic food that you can taste. The courteous staff sets the tone for a memorable experience with a warm, traditional Thai welcome as you enter the restaurant. On the menu, you’ll find a long list of Thai specials such as ‘Tom Yum Gong’ soup and ‘Pad Thai’ amongst others that will delight you to no end.


Let loose your screams and shrieks of excitement as you explore the thrilling world of Carnaval at Global Village. Your access to this world of wonder is just a Wonder Pass away.


Caribbean Boat – Watch your kids set sail onboard our Caribbean Boat and feel their joy as they crest the waves back and forth.

California Highway – A distinctive game that children of all ages love, as it consists of elegant vehicles that move in an interactive, bouncing movement that makes them feel like they are on a California highway that includes hills and slopes.

Tokyo Twist – Take your kids in Tokyo Twist and watch them go round and round and be giddy with joy.

Mexican Balloons Kids, you have played with balloons, but have you ever ridden in one? Get into one of our Mexican Balloons, a Mexican themed ride that will first take you up and then spin you sideways. Ready for some fun?

Texas Track – Ride in our beautiful Rodeo in vehicles of your choice, such as a Jeep, Formula 1 Cars, Motorbikes and Trucks and show-off your cowboy skills running up-hill and down-hill through an amazing track. Ride in our beautiful rodeo-themed rollercoaster where your little ones can choose their ride at this mini rollercoaster – from a glamourous Formula 1 car to a utility jeep – they’ll be spoilt for choice.

Spania Boat – Swing sideways happily, higher and higher as the Spanish would do aboard our Spania Boat. Go ahead, have fun!

Beijing Bungee – Jump down and bounce up with joy in our Beijing Bungee that combines the thrill and fun of bungee jumping and trampoline to bring an unforgettable experience for every child.

Caribbean Ship Watch your kids set sail on board our Caribbean Ship and feel their joy as they crest the waves back and forth.

Holland Wind Wheel – Our Holland Wind Wheel with 6 balloon themed cabins offers amazing views of a Ferris Wheel ride, perfect for the little ones

Amazon Boats – Bumper cars on the water – kids will love driving their Amazon Boat as they bump with others in our safe water pool.

Swiss Swing – Our Swiss Swing is smaller version of the Shang High ride that offers an enjoyable ride for the little ones.

Seven Sea Pirate – Ahoy, Matey! Take a spin across the seven seas in this fun compact roller coaster ride with rotating seats

Wheel of the World – Catch amazing views of the Dubai skyline from our 60m high Wheel of the World ride. Before hopping on, enjoy stunning displays of live shows and scenes on the Wheel itself with its 50m high LED screen.

Miami Surf – If getting your hair wet is your idea of fun, Miami Surf is just the thing for you. Get onboard our 240m river adventure with your family and prepare to get splashed!

Roaming Rome – Add wings to your fun as you take to the air in our flying kite themed Roaming Rome ride where you can control the vertical movement with the handlebars.

Mumbai Xpress – Board the Mumbai Xpress for an exciting roller coaster ride across the city of Mumbai and enjoy the scenes on rotating seats with your family.

Cuban Dance – Enjoy being spun sideways in a rhythmic Cuban dance motion in this themed Cuban Dance ride suitable for the entire family.

Thai Twist – Fun with a twist would be an apt description of the Thai Twist family ride, a 17m mini version of the Global Burj ride but no less enjoyable for your entire family. Go ahead, enjoy the twist.

Arabian Horses – You have heard about the famous Arabian horses, but have you ever ridden one? Enjoy a picturesque ride with your entire family on this beautiful double-decker carousel featuring Arabian horses.

Transylvania Towers – Tour the haunted castle of Transylvania in a suspended 2-seater carriage. Prepare for a spooky experience with the creaking sound of hinges in doorless chambers, skeleton characters popping up from the most unexpected nooks and shocking surprises at every corner – all designed for maximum scare factor. Enter if you dare!

Sydney Kangaroo – Experience a unique leap motion experience like a Kangaroo as you go up and down even while rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise with the new Sydney Kangaroo ride at Global Village. Some thrills simply cannot be expressed in words and this is one of them.

Honolo-Loop – It is a ride guaranteed to test your lung power as well as your threshold of fear as you are looped up to a height of 63m while taking 360-degree turns at the same time. Welcome to Honolo-Loop, a signature classic ride that you won’t forget in this lifetime

Manila Mayhem – Experience total mayhem as you get spun around at incredible speeds at dizzying heights – guaranteed to leave you in a tizzy. Welcome aboard Carnaval’s newest ride, Manila Mayhem.

Moscow Max – Get ready to swing and spin at the G-force of a jet engine and hover upside down at 18m above ground before coming down in a 360-degree rotation. Prepare to scream your lungs out onboard the Moscow Max. If ever there was an adventure that makes your knuckles go white with terror, it’s Moscow Max.

Jamaica Drum – How does it feel to rotate, spin and be turned upside down at the same time? A thrilling ride on the Jamaica Drum will answer all this and much more. The question is are you up for the challenge?

Athens Slingshot – Imagine being catapulted to the sky and being hurled back through the air at speeds beyond your wildest dreams! Put yourself in our Athens Slingshot and hold your breath for an experience beyond imagination.

Shang High – This is one ride that is guaranteed to lift your spirits sky high with amazing views of the city as it spins you up 85m skywards, making it undoubtedly one of the tallest rides in the region.

Fly France – Ever wanted to be a stunt pilot? Now’s your chance. Make it as daring as you like with full control of your movement. Challenge your friends as you rotate your plane to become a flying champion.

Bahrain Merhana – Swing with joy in this happy swing ride that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Vroom UAE – Enjoy the fun of bumping into other cars as you speed through traffic. Go Vroom and watch the joy on your child’s face every time you bump your car during the ride.

Global Burj – Ever imagined what it feels like to suddenly drop down from a height of 85m? Try the Global Burj, the tallest drop tower thrill ride with a true freefall experience that defies gravity.

London Loop – You won’t understand the thrill of a roller coaster until you’ve experienced the London Loop. With twists and turns at speeds that defy imagination, this is a ride for all ages and above 1.25 meters, but certainly not for the faint of heart.


You shoot, but do you score? Test your mettle with our eclectic mix of arcade and skill-based games.

All games

Arcade & Skill Games

With a 125+ arcade and skill games, you’ll find everything from new-age virtual games to classics like shooting hoops and throwing darts


From a one-of-a-kind kids-only fun zone to heart-pumping strategy experiences, you’re in for an unforgettable time.

Explore all experience attractions

Happy Fun – All the kiddie fun, all in one place! Season 25 is bringing a custom-made massive inflatable park for the children and teenagers to play in. Divided into three sections, kids can bounce between the inflatable slides, hop on the rodeo bull for a ride, and test their reflexes in the Meltdown inflatable park as they jump and squat to avoid the rotating arms.

Zombie Laser Tag Arena – There’s an outbreak! Zombies are everywhere! Can you and your team beat back the tide and stop the spread?

Target Shooting – Test your marksmanship! Start off easy with near-distance targets and build your way up to higher levels of difficulty to hone your accuracy.

Haunted House – Brave the paths of our spooky Haunted House where screams and shadows follow you. Do you dare enter?

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ®

Venture into a world of the weirdly wonderful at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ®, the first “Odditorium” in the region. The family-friendly attraction is home to a host of eccentric displays from visual illusions and pop culture memorabilia to unusual artefacts and features of tales so unbelievable they must be true!

The museum attraction has six uniquely themed galleries, a Marvelous Mirror Maze, and a boutique stocked with strange souvenirs. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! guarantees you an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the UAE.

Museum Attraction

A display for all ages, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum is an ode to all things bizarre, intriguing, and fascinating. Dive deep into the curious nature of humanity and explore it through six unique galleries featuring over 220 exhibits, with more than 100 new additions, curated to mystify and delight the human mind. You’ll come across historical artefacts from around the world, engaging interactives, awe-inspiring art, and incredible tales untold of people and places from all corners of the globe. Whether you believe it or not, Ripley’s Museum will leave you with an experience you won’t soon forget!

Robert Ripley’s Tribal / Jungle – The first stop in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, this gallery is dedicated to a wild mix of personal artefacts collected by Robert Ripley, the founder of the museum. Among the over 220 rare and mesmerizing artefacts, you’ll come face-to-face with shrunken heads, Chinese coin swords, a Japanese house shrine, and shadow art. Learn all about Ripley’s fascinating adventures around the world and the history behind each exhibit’s origins.

Human Oddities – Delve into the oddities of human nature in this next gallery where the exhibitions leave you wondering what the artists behind them were thinking. From a suit made of nine yards of cloth (enough to make three normal-sized suits) to minuscule sculptures that need a magnification of 400x to see, the displays in this exhibit are wondrous head-scratchers!

Ripley’s Warehouse – The Warehouse is where your disbelief and wonderment will be at their peak as you come across a 125-million-year-old coprolite (the scientific term for dinosaur dung!) as well as an 11-inch, true-to-size replica of a T-Rex tooth. There’s also the Bamboo Toothpick Capital, made of over 250,000 bamboo toothpicks! At each display, you’ll find your jaw dropping further and further.

Ripley’s American & Arabian – In his travels, Robert Ripley picked up quite a collection. Take a tour of his mementos with highlights including German Leather Money (from a time Germany had to resort to leather banknotes!), an Elvis Presley sculpture made from burnished steel, a toilet paper wedding dress, and a wooden Ferrari that can float!

Magical Studio – From torture devices to brain teasers, the Magical Studio features an extensive collection of games and attractions that will keep your interest piqued. Would you have what it takes to bear the Iron Chair? What about the Iron Maiden? While you play around with that thought, take a crack at the Mystery Gate. Put those little gray cells to task and see if you can be the first to figure out how to open it!

Space Gallery – You started from the past but you’re now in the future. The final gallery displays attractions and collections from outer space, including an exhibit dedicated to the UAE’s very own space expedition. In this out-of-this-world journey, you’ll see NASA Space Patches that are used to commemorate space missions and you’ll even come across a replica of Skylab II, the very first US space station. At the end, head through the Vortex Tunnel for a first-hand experience of vertigo, what astronauts feel on their descent down to Earth.

Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze

Embark on the ultimate maze challenge! With mirrors and LED lights turning you around and around, can you find the way out?


Grab a memento of the unusual from the merchandise store to commemorate your unforgettable experience.

Ripley’s Merchandise Store – What’s a visit without a souvenir or two to remember it by? Ripley’s Merchandise Story is bursting with a mix of bizarre mementos for you to take home with you or gift to someone else. Fancy a one-eyed dog? Or a two-headed parrot? Find handcrafted works of art, fun and curious collectibles, clothes, books, and more!

Ripley’s Candy Factory – Swing by Ripley’s Candy Factory to make all your sweet dreams come true. With its hundreds of varieties of candies, you can mix and match your favorite treats – the combinations are endless! The only problem will be finding a reason to leave.


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