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At Al Nahdi Travel & Tourism, we take the security of customers very seriously and ensure that your information is protected at all times by a 2048 bit SSL encryption, with keys provided by VeriSign while you’re on our website. All information that enters our server is encrypted using a highly sophisticated 2048-bit AES encryption.

Personal Info

At Al Nahdi Travel & Tourism, we fully understand the importance of your personal information such as name, address and especially payment information. We are fully aware of how important it is to keep your personal information private at all times. We assure you that your personal information will always be held privately and used only for the purposes of billing, verification and shipping. We have the strictest policies in place to protect your privacy and treat the security of your information on par with any of our products and services.

Information Collection

You don’t have to submit any information about yourself to browse our site. But if you voluntarily submit your information such as name, email, address and credit card details for the purchase of booking our services or ordering our products, it would be seen as a statement of consent on your part to us using your information to help deliver the products and services to you. You would be consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of any personally identifiable information by us, which can help the transaction proceed further. You would also be consenting to the information about the transaction to be shared with our business partners – solely for the purpose of delivering the goods and services to you. We may disclose certain information only for the purpose of making your transaction smoother, and we do that only with your permission. You may be assured that your privacy will be protected as required by law.


When you visit our website, or communicate with us electronically, you would be consenting to receive email communications from us. We may also communicate with you by posting notices on the website. When you communicate with us, it will be considered as an agreement on your behalf that all notices, agreements, disclosures and other communications sent to you by us electronically satisfy any legal requirement for these communications to be in writing.

Cookies and Other Data Collection Devices

Al Nahdi Travel & Tourism  may collect non-personal data through cookies, web logs, and other recognized web monitoring technologies. A cookie is a small element of data consisting of an anonymous unique identifier, which is sent from a website to your browser. This is then stored on your system for future use, to help us keep track of your recently viewed items on our site and other useful features. Cookies are used by most online businesses and websites to make business transactions smoother and easier.


Every time you visit, our web server collects information provided by your ISP such as your IP address automatically. We use this information or logs for the purpose of being able to identify our customers better based on their demographics and geographical location and deliver highly targeted products and services as well as discounts and special promotions based on this information.


As the UAE’s No. 1 Travel and Tourism Company, we are primary targets for online fraud and other unsavory activities carried out by cyber criminals. That’s why we take the prevention of online fraud very seriously. If a fraudulent order were to be received by us, we have a policy of reporting the same to the concerned law enforcement authorities at the earliest. We take every precaution possible to safeguard our own interests and those of our customers. If there’s anyone who is planning to commit a fraud against us, here’s a warning – DON’T EVEN TRY IT! We know how online fraud works and are very capable of taking the strictest action against those try it against us.

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